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When you listen to music and see colors dance

When you listen to music and see colors dance

There is a phenomenon called Synesthsia in which one sensory involuntary stimulates a second as well. In realitiy this means there are people that see colors and shapes moving respective to the music they’re listening to. Each color, shape and movement transporting a different sound, tone or feeling.

The artworks of synesthetics artists were the main inspiration for the websites hero section. We wanted to set a contrast to the overall clean design and begin with a true explosion of colors.

The artists name translates to “all the colors”. How should we pick one?

We wouldn’t be satisfied with just choosing one key color. Our idea was to derive the colors from the content instead.

We didn’t just want to build a website.
In the center of the experience should be music.

Niklas Tomkowitz,

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