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Creating digital products that change the way people interact.

How we work

All our processes and tools are built around collaboration, iterative workflows, agile development and holistic product design. You can read more about that, but if you’d rather talk than read, feel free to get in touch.

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Yury Shustsitski
Michael Kowatschew
Philipp Kaltenböck
Johannes Oster
Monika Rodiqi
Stephanie Klein
Samuel Frey
Niklas Tomkowitz
Max Ropohl
Sören Gröbke
Feray Tatar-Kazanci

There are people behind every design

And our goal is to create a place where each individual can do what they love and live up to their talents.

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The inner values count

We enjoy working with startups as well as with established companies. To us it is important to work with people who thrive for innovation and who challenge the status quo. It’s not important what you are, but who you are.

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